Princeton Alternative Fund Exceeds Return Target

Princeton Alternative Funding, LLC announced today its debt fund, Princeton Alternative Income Fund, posted a 16.78% annual return rate, exceeding its goal of 13-15% in its first year of management, according to its annual audit.

"Princeton Alternative Funding's success far exceeded any expectations," said Howard Davner, Chief Executive Officer of Princeton Alternative Funding, LLC.  "We expect continued success this year with unparalleled growth potential considering the 110 million under- and unbanked U.S. consumers driving demand for this capital."

Princeton Alternative Funding was established March 1, 2015 and has $65 million under management. The fund provides capital to specialty finance companies that make short-term consumer loans in the alternative lending marketplace.

The fund has an exclusive partnership with MicroBilt Corporation, the leader and gold standard for analyzing consumer risk, and providing world-class analytics and monitoring capabilities to the underwriting process.

Princeton Alternative Funding, LLC was created to offer accredited and institutional investors the opportunity to achieve substantial returns in the growing alternative lending space. Finance companies issuing consumer-oriented loans offer benefits to borrowers, lenders and investors alike, are served. A broad consumer loan base, spread nationwide through geographical and industry verticals, allows for diversification and low risk correlation.

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